Single: Waiting or Breaking?

Single: Waiting or Breaking?

I have been single for 5 years now and being in a prestigious university, I meet a lot of guys: Engineering, Architecture, Arts, Sciences, Business, Accounting students and more. I’ve had a few suitors, but I thought to myself,

“I want to be free of burden.”

Sometimes, you get jealous, but is it really worth the risk of breaking something so fragile while in the middle of building our dreams? Sure we could think they are part of that dream, but what if it’s not really? Is it worth risking? I kind of remind myself of an old saying,

If we’re really fated to love each other, we’ll always end up with them no matter what circumstances come our way.

In the end, I still decided to wait for that guy I’m hoping I will love and who will love me crazier. It’s still a risk, but

it’s better to risk wasting time waiting, than risk wasting time breaking.

Nature of Cramming

Nature of Cramming

Cramming ends in Highschool

– Sir Gaudencio Gariffe –

My old high school teacher used to tell us this quote whenever we cram back in the days. And even til the very end, I heard his quote during our graduation ceremony when a classmate chose this quote in his speech to remind us the consequences of cramming.

Now, onto my last (hopefully) days in the university with only a month away before completing and receiving my bachelor’s degree in engineering, here we go again the cramming thing.

We’re down to the last chapter of our research and it took us 2 months just to think and formulate the right solutions, 1 month looking for contractors to make our design, and 3 weeks of waiting, and finally this week, still waiting. For the rest of the remaining weeks we’ll be in an F1 race meeting other deadlines. It’s really a challenge of schedule planning and group coordination. And what this gives us is not physical, but mental stress which is taking its really great effect on me because I’ve been eating a lot lately (stress eating).

Lessons: Time is gold. We know that. Even as an Industrial Engineering student, we know that more than anyone not to waste time, it’s part of our job. Time costs. Yet we also waste it. The irony of things.

Balut: My Way of Eating

Balut: My Way of Eating

One food delicacy that probably not everyone would choose if it were a survival mode is BALUT!

Yes, that exotic duck egg that  most Filipino, if not SouthEast Asians crave.

(Note: Not all Filipinos have tasted it. They’ve either attempted to eat it or not really)

When I was a child, my Papa and me (about 2-3 years old) would eat balut while waiting for my mom across the bank where she was working as a teller for 12 years and it became one of my favorites alongside palabok, dinugu-an and etc. The chick was present, of course, I would eat it too.

When my papa went to work in Japan, I was about 3 years old going 4, I don’t remember eating balut anymore, if I had, it would be not often. As I grew mature enough to understand things, I started to not eat the duckling in the balut. It’s kind of gross, really, there’s the hair, the beak and the bones. You’d literally feel it if you eat it. And I hate the feather part, funny, why? I used to run around, as a child, catching chicks and chickens just for the fun of it so naturally I wouldn’t want to eat feathers, and it’s black. Although it’s duck, it’s still the same.

Some time later, I suddenly craved for balut more than ever, to the point that when I actually had the balut on my hands, opened, drank the soup, with only the yolk and duckling, I started challenging myself to eat the duckling, which I actually did. I had to and I felt the bones and I bulged it out. It took me about a minute or two to actually eat it and just seconds to bulge out. I was disappointed for not eating it really, but I had two balut that night so I tried the second balut and swallowed the duckling before I ate the yolk. I didn’t use any salt or chili vinegar that time, which I should have. And I was fine.

When I went to visit my hometown, I was with my family and my papa was driving us home when I suddenly craved for balut. Ha! So we had to pull over where a balut vendor was standing. Then when my papa was talking to the vendor I found out that there’s a selection of 16 days or 18 days. The difference? 16 days is not as mature as 18 days. It still has bones and feathers, but not as much as an 18 day old egg.

How did I actually ate it? I cracked the bottom of the egg, the round side, by tapping it on the table or you can use a spoon. I opened a small hole atleast an inch in diameter and drank the soup. I used a saucer for my salt and chili vinegar. I continued to peel off the egg shell until atleast I can see the duckling and the yolk, I had to dip it to the salt and really chili vinegar so it wouldn’t really be that gross. And then I just ate it, I chewed several times before I completely swallowed it.

I had a spoon ready to taste the vinegar now and then while I chewed the duckling, it covers the disgust of the feathers, but I actually removed the feathers before hand. Haha. You know, you can always customize food ;P

Have Fun Eating Balut!

Normally how balut looks like. You can open this wide and drink the soup. Ha!
Normally how balut looks like. You can open this wide and drink the soup. Ha!
Don't eat this. I don't know why it's like this, but I have definitely no idea why there's such a thing as this. In my 20 years of existence in the universe, I've never seen such balot before!
Don’t eat this. I don’t know why it’s like this, but I have definitely no idea why there’s such a thing as this. In my 20 years of existence in the universe, I’ve never seen such balut before!
If you like eating something as big as this, you can, but otherwise I advise you not to. This is too big, too bony. Look at the beaks and the feathers.
If you like eating something as big as this, you can, but otherwise I advise you not to. This is too big, too bony. Look at the beaks and the feathers.

Of course, you can eat 16 days, 18 days or even 21 days, but if you’re just learning, tasting or a beginner, try eating 16 days/18 days.

Quick tips: The smaller the egg size, (take note: size), the smaller the duckling. ;P

Wall-e Era Coming Soon

Wall-e Era Coming Soon

When I was a kid, I used to run like crazy with my childhood friends at the corridor during breaks. We’d play catch, hide-and-seek and there’s always this fun playgrounds with slides, swings, merry-go-rounds and monkey bars. I will never forget that really love hanging upside down in monkey bars.

I started loving soccer at a very young age and running fast is an asset. Me and my classmates would race around my grade school campus during lunch breaks and teachers and older students would warn us to stop or a punishment will come soon.

Those were the days when every child knows that losing your breath once in a while or maybe often is the funnest part of being young and vulnerable. Those were times when many children were healthy except for some leg or knee sores caused by too much running and you know, kids.

My generation, the 1990s children, is the last generation to ever experience, know and understand what real childhood is about and how fun it was for us to have been able to go through it.

Technology is a really cool thing though. Innovation is a good idea. While some countries like Japan knows how to take advantage of technology, some don’t and that’s one big reason why there are cultures that should be preserve.

You should know that Chinese Martial Arts is one of the great ways to instill discipline among children.

Nowadays, children are always sitting and always holding on to gadgets like their tablets, phones, psp, and etc

Soon, the world will be dominated by lazy people depending too much in automatic materials which is more on indirect than direct world.

My advise? Travel! Read books! Do activities outside like hiking or anything that’s definitely not just sitting an depressing buttons.. Well, if there are still buttons left after all the domination of touch screens.

Lastly, I’m not an anti-innovation, anti-tech person. In fact, I’m an industrial engineering student and an innovation mindset should be part of us. We should never forget what was once our: fun, excitement and real life.

Breathe in. Breathe Out.

Enjoy Life!

It’s Never Too Late.